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When you update to the OP Version 14.4, all FLU -CELL CULT entries added since the beginning of the 2016-2017 flu season will be updated to FLU-ccIIV4 4yrs+ pf. This update impacts the patient's chart, adds a new entry to the vaccine codes table and updates any vaccine inventory entries made as FLU-CELL CULT.

With this update, Practices must implement the following changes prior to administering Flucelvax:

1. Practices need to use FLU-ccIIV4 4yrs+ pf for all Flucelvax inventory. The abbreviation for Flucelvax was adapted from Influenza Vaccine Products for the 2016-2017 Flu Season.

In the Vaccine Products table in OP 14 (see the following screen capture), a new entry is available. Any changes to the vaccine entry must be made here to ensure the change is implemented throughout OP 14 (for example, updating the Inventory name and the default VIS). Practices should archive the FLU -CELL CULT entry so it is no longer used.

2. If the Practice has not already added CPT 90674 to ther CPT Code Table (see the following screen capture), the update automatically adds it.

Note: Practices must update Fee Schedules in accordance with their current Vaccine Schedule for Flucelvax.

3. If entries already existed in the Vaccine Inventory prior to the update, they have been automatically updated to the new Flucelvax vaccine. In order to continue to administer them, Practices must re-associate the inventory name with the inventory entries, as depicted in the following screen capture. To watch a short video that demonstrates this process, click here.

4. For any Encounter or Well Visit templates (see the screen capture below), Practices can update the template under the Orders/Workflow tab to include this flu vaccine if the Practice plans on administering it throughout this season. If the Practice has entries of FLU-CELL CULT on their orders, Practices must update them to continue to administer them under the updated name for Flucelvax.