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Former OP Mobile: Pairing Your Device

Version 20.5

The content in this article is relevant to the former OP Mobile. 

Warning: The former OP Mobile solution will not work if your Practice has migrated to the new InteliChart portal.

Click here to access content for the New OP Mobile.

Here is a video that explains Pairing your device with Office Practicum.

Locate and download Office Practicum's Mobile App by searching "Office Practicum Mobile" in your App store. Note that you must have an active (live) Patient Portal in order to use OP Mobile. 

Once you have downloaded the Office Practicum Mobile app, you must pair your device with OP 14. When you start the app, you will be greeted with the Patient Portal Web Address Screen. On this screen, you must enter your patient portal web address into the text field in the middle of the screen, and press the Enter button on the keyboard. A popup will appear, saying “Verifying...”, and when finished, you will either progress to the next screen, or, if there was an error connecting to your patient portal, you will stay on the same screen. If this happens, re-enter your patient portal web address and try again.

On the next screen, you will see a green set of numbers and letters, your unique device identifier. In Office Practicum, you must log in as an administrator and navigate to Utilities > System Admin > Workgroup Administration. On this screen, press the Add button to add a new device. You must fill out:

  • DeviceName, giving the device any name you please.
  • DeviceType, You must choose PersonalMobileDevice or SharedMobileDevice (we only support Personal Mobile Devices at this time).
  • Owner, this is the staff member who will be using and logging in to the device.
  • DeviceID, You must enter the green unique device ID provided on your iDevice and it must match exactly. This field is case sensitive.

After you have entered all of this information, save the record, and Office Practicum will generate an Access Code for you in the column next to Device ID. You must enter this Access Code into the text field above the Device ID on your device, and it must match exactly. This field is case sensitive. When that is done, press Enter to advance to the next screen.

On this screen, you will need to enter your Office Practicum login name, and your Office Practicum password. Press Enter after you have entered your password, and the app will try to log you in. If logging in is unsuccessful, check to make sure all of the fields have been entered correctly, and try again. If logging in is successful, you will be shown a success message, and you will have to set a swipe gesture for yourself. You can use any combination you want, as long as you do not lift your finger from the screen. Repeat the gesture, and press Save to set your gesture password. You will use this gesture password to log in from now on, so do not forget it.

Gesture Password
We recommend not using a diagonal swipe in your gesture password. As the buttons are close together on the iPhone, this may result in swiping through buttons you did not mean to press.