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Former OP Mobile: Troubleshooting

Version 20.5

The content in this article is relevant to the former OP Mobile. 

Warning: The former OP Mobile solution will not work if your Practice has migrated to the new InteliChart portal.

Click here to access content for the New OP Mobile.

OP Mobile: Troubleshooting

Pairing Issues 
"Please Input a Valid URL"
Typed website incorrectly (possible omission of "www.")
Retype Website Address correctly.

Website is down
Start website

Ports are blocked

Set up port forwarding and open the required ports on your router

Incorrect version of Patient Portal
Upgrade Patient Portal.

Could not log in
Login credentials are incorrect
Re-enter the same login credentials as if logging into OP.

Staffmember is inactive within OP.

Check that your OP user is marked as active.

You are not the owner of the device
Set yourself as owner of device within OP.

Device secret/device ID are incorrect
Re-enter device secret in app, and device ID in OP

Incorrect version of Patient Portal
Upgrade Patient Portal

General App Issues 
Can't See all functions of the App / Messaging is gone
You are on a shared Device
Use a private device

Change the Device Type in OP to Private

Could not Log In
See "Could not Log-in" under "Pairing Issues"

Error: Please Contact System Administrator
The server had a problem handling your request
Submit again

Refresh the page you were on

Note exactly what happened, including as many details as possible such as patient number(s), the screen you were on, and what actions you did before the error and contact support at 1 (800) 218-9916.

App is too slow
Network issues

Connect to nearest Wifi or move to a better service area

Patient Search Error 
No patients ever returned from any patient search
Search index is missing or corrupt
Contact support at 1 (800) 218-9916

Unable to find a specific patient
Patient is not part of your practice
Add the patient to your practice in OP

If possible, choose an alternative workflow for using a patient not in the practice.

The search criteria you are using is incorrect or misspelled
Make sure the data you are entering is correct and matches the data within OP.

The patient is further down the list
Scroll down, as you scroll more patients are loaded.

Nothing happens after typing a patient's name
Search was not started
Press Search button on keyboard or magnifying glass icon next to search field.

There was a brief network problem between the server and app
Perform the search again

Picture Error 
Pictures taken when device is in Landscape orientation are stretched/skewed/squished
Landscape orientation is not currently supported
Rotate device to take picture in Portrait orientation