Forms, Correspondence, Medical Records


Clinical - Forms
A variety of medical record reports can be printed from the Patient Medical Reports Manager [Forms on smart toolbar] in Office Practicum.
Customizing your View of Event Chronology
Choose a vertical Grid View or horizontal Lateral View by clicking either tab above the Event Chronology list.
Printing Medical Records
To print all entries, click the Print button located to the right of the basic search criteria. This will open a Print Preview of the Event Chronology.
Saving the Event Chronology to a Disc
To print all entries, click the Print button in the top middle area. Make sure that Preview is set as the printing preference. A print preview of the Event Chronology will open in a new window.
Using General Letters
The General Letter can be used for writing a letter on behalf of a patient. The patient's insurance information can appear, and if a response is required, the referral status can be marked pending.
Adding a New General Note
Open the General Notes List. Click the Plus Sign button to open the General Note Window. The radio button for General Note is automatically selected. In the open text field you can enter your note.
Delete a General Note
How to delete a general note.
Edit a General Note
Open the General Note List. Click on the note that you want to edit, and click the Edit button. This opens the General Note window, where you can make any edits needed.
Print the General Notes
How to print out the general notes.
Exporting the Event Chronology via CDA (Cloud Clients)
Version 14.19 Note : This documentation applies to the OP Cloud environment. Rather than print a patient's Event Chronology or save it on the cloud, you may wish to export the records to your local drive using the CDA functi...