Future COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Future Vaccine Products

Detailed info provided by Dr. Suzanne Berman for manually adding the new Bivalent COVID vaccine prior to OP release can be found below.

When adding vaccines not currently available in OP, the following additional entries need to be made.


  • Some EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) fact sheets are available in OP. If not available, the Practice can input into the Practice Management tab > Coded Values. Once the EUA is added by OP, the Practice will need to archive the manually added EUA.
  • If your Practice receives a COVID vaccine that is not yet available in the Vaccine Codes table, the Practice is responsible for input. Once the COVID vaccines are added by OP into the Vaccine Codes table, archive the manually added vaccine.
  • If your Practice has questions about the Vaccine Registry and OP, please contact your state registry.