Getting Started with OP


Keyboard Shortcuts in OP
Version 14.19 Keyboard shortcuts (or key combinations) provide quick functionality at your fingertips. Shortcuts in this article can be used in OP 19.  Keyboard Shortcut Command / Work Area F8 Patient Chart Ctrl + F8 Med...
Menu Navigation
The Menu Navigation bar is accessible after logging into OP. It contains drop-down menus categorized by the heading visible on the menu bar itself.
Search for a Patient
Within Office Practicum, you have a few options of searching for patients.
Focused Patient OP Behavior
Version 14.19 Overview This article is intended to help users better understand the OP software’s behavior regarding the “focused” patient. It’s also important to understand that the software behavior changes based on whe...
Access a Sibling's Chart
Version 14.19 One of the many benefits to linking families in OP is that you can easily navigate from one sibling's chart to another. This navigation can be done from both the Clinical Overview of the patient chart as well as the Account ...
Working from Patient Tracking
This section will introduce the users to the steps required to begin an Encounter visit.
Chart Tab Indicators
Version 14.19 Content for this topic only pertains to OP 14.10. Version 14.10 Overview When navigating through the Patient Chart, you may see tabs where the text has turned red and/or a number appears in parenthesis. These are indicators to ...
Privacy Constraints (Visibility Settings)
Version 14.19 Overview OP contains privacy constraints in various sections of the patient's medical record. The higher the level of visibility, the less people there are that can view the information. The lower the visibility level, the more...
Sorting Lists
In OP14, you have the capability of managing how you would like to see the order of lists.
Grouping Data
In OP14, you have the capability of managing how you would like to see data grouped. This capability is especially helpful when viewing reports.
Adjusting Column Width
The article below provides an example of how to adjust column width.
Adding, Removing, or Reordering Columns
In OP14 you may find the need to add, remove, or reorder columns to simplify how you view data.
Filtering Data
Throughout OP 14, you have the ability to filter data. This is especially useful when creating large reports such as the Demographic Analysis and Recall or the Billing Transaction Analysis Reports.
Reordering, Hiding, and Showing Tabs
Version 14.19 Refer to the following videos to learn how to do this in OP 19: Personalize the Encounter Navigation Panel Personalize the Navigation Panel Version 14.10 Overview OP 14 contains functionality that allows you customiz...
Saving and Reverting Saved Preferences
Version 14.19 Refer to the following resources to learn how to do this in OP 19: Saving Preferences Reverting Saved Preferences Version 14.10 All users have access to the Pref  Button ( ) on the Smart Toolbar and within some windo...
Spell Check in OP
Overview Office Practicum has a Spell Check function built into the software that is particularly helpful when composing visit notes. The standardized dictionary files are housed in the OP installation directory. These files are loaded for the user...