Grid Analysis of Immunization Records

Version 14.10

The Grid Analysis of Immunization Records will show you a list of patients that have been given a particular vaccine. You are able to generate this report with the specified criteria available and further filter it to view the information you would like to print out or export to an Excel spreadsheet.

To print a list of patients who have had a particular vaccine:

  1. On the Menu Bar click Reports > Grid Analysis of Immunization Records. The VFC Immunization Analysis table will open.
  2. In the box, 1. Choose Criteria, enter the date range in which the vaccination was administered.
  1. Click the dropdown next to the Start and End date fields to select your date range.
  2. Select if you would like to see VFC lots numbers only, Non-VFC lot numbers, or All lot numbers.
  3. If you would like to calculate the dose #, check the box to do so. Please note: this will increase the retrieval time of the report.
  1. Locate 2. Update Grid, and click  to update your report.
  2. Your report will generate, and you will see the results in the bottom portion of the window. Here is a sample of what your report may look like:

  1. After your report is generated, you can click Print Grid to print the report or Export to export the report to Excel.
  • If you would like to only print one line item, select that line and check the print the highlighted item only box. Then, click Print Grid.

Selecting visible columns:

Once you have generated your report, you are able to group your report based on the column headers. You are also able to add or remove columns based on the information you would like to see. 

  1. Below the Choose Criteria box, there is a dark gray horizontal bar displaying a hierarchy of search parameters. To group by a particular column header, simply drag and drop the column header to the gray area.

  1. By clicking to select the visible columns, you are able to select what information you would like to see. To add columns, check the box next to the description of the column and to take away a column uncheck the respective box(es).