Hardware Specifications and Recommendations


These two accessories will be extremely helpful in using Office Practicum for your practice.
There are many camera options available and 'cheap' cameras can last a long time if they are taken care of - prices can range but we recommend spending around $50.
Emergency Server or Workstation
An emergency server stores historical and current backups of the medical database. It is preferred that a second server be used to handle this task given the built in redundancy of most servers today
Exam Room Workstation
Specifications for desktop computers to be placed in exam rooms.
How to fax in OP.
Front Desk or Billing Workstation
Helpful specifications for a Front Desk or Billing workstation.
IT Professional
It is of the utmost importance to your business to hire a qualified and experienced hardware / IT technician who can assist and support your business throughout its use of computers.
The network links all the computers through out the office so they can communicate.
We usually recommend "HP" printers. The medium/heavy duty printers start at about $1,000.
Router and Firewall
We recommend a Cisco ASA 5000 series firewall- $600 to $1000.
Recommended Scanner Brands
This article provides help on recommended scanners.
Scanning Workstation
Scanning workstations need to be a little more robust as scanning consumes higher then average amounts of memory. Here are some helpful specs for a proposed scanning workstation.
Hardware specifications and recommendations for the OP server.
Tablet PC
Hardware specifications and recommendations for tablet PCs in the office.
Wireless Access in the Office
How to handle OP traffic on wireless networks.
Terminal Server Specifications
OP can be deployed and accessed within a remote desktop (terminal) services scenario. Office Practicum is coded to allow each user session of an RDP server to have the his/her own user profile with the his/her own custom peripheral and form placemen...