How a Parent Confirms an Appointment From a Text or Email

Version 20.2


With the use of PMX, a parent can confirm an appointment directly from the text message or email reminder that they receive from the practice. In order for this confirmation message to be received properly by the parent, the Confirmation_Link token must be included in the message template. Below, you will find instructions on the process the parent will take to confirm an appointment via text or email link.

Confirm an Appointment

  1. From the text message or email, click the link to confirm the appointment. A browser window is displayed.

  1. Click the Confirm Appointment button.
  • If confirmation is successful, a message is displayed stating that the appointment was confirmed.

  • The Confirm Status column of the Tracking Schedule is updated to reflect "Confirmed".
  • The Appointment on the Calendar Schedule is updated to include Confirmed icon .
  • If confirmation is unsuccessful, a message is displayed stating that the appointment was not confirmed. 

An unsuccessful confirmation is produced when:

  • The appointment has already been confirmed (either by confirmation link or manually marked as Confirmed in OP).
  • The appointment has no Appointment ID attached to it in OP.
  • There is an issue with the practice's OP MED ID.

Tip: If an appointment confirmation fails due to a reason other than the appointment already being marked as Confirmed in OP, contact OP Support for assistance with troubleshooting the issue.