How an Idea Becomes a Feature

How an Idea Becomes a Feature

Any registered user can enter an idea in the OP Ideas Portal.  An idea can be submitted by anyone in the OP community, including clients as well as OP team members.  Learn more about how to become a registered user and use the OP Ideas Portal.

Any idea submitted will initially enter a state for review by the OP Product Team before becoming visible to others.  Once visible, all registered users are allocated up to one vote per idea.  Votes help the OP Product Team understand the pervasiveness of a problem and how important the solution is to the entire OP community.  Once you vote on an idea, you will receive automated email notifications when there are comments associated with the idea or as it progresses through our internal workflow and the status changes. The following section lists and describes each Idea Status. 

Idea Status Overview

Further Consideration

The Idea is clearly articulated and has been made visible to all users.  The Product Team would like OP community members to vote and/or comment on the idea.  We may be evaluating it internally to see how such an idea may fit into our overall plans.


The Product Team has decided to move forward implementing the idea in some form.  This means that the idea is in a planning or development phase.  It is important to note that a delivery estimate will not be provided.  In fact, OP plans feature additions or changes a year or more in advance, so an idea can sit in the Planned status for an extended period of time.


The idea has made it to a production build of the OP product and is available for those who have the necessary product version.

Already Exists

The Product Team has determined that the idea submitted is the same or equivalent to functionality already available.  As a result, the idea will no longer be considered.  Details will be provided.

Will Not Implement

Although there may not be the same or equivalent functionality available, the Product Team has decided not to pursue the idea.  There may be a variety of reasons such as a conflict with regulations or certification.  When this occurs, a reason will be provided.