How Can We Change the Parent's OP Patient Portal Email?

Version 14.10

How Can We Change the Parents OP Patient Portal Email?

Changing a Parent's Email Address

If a parent needs to change their email address but has not yet logged into the portal account and changed their password, the change can be made in OP. Portal accounts that have not yet been activated are editable.  Once an account is activated, it no longer is editable and appears greyed out.

If you have a parent who wishes to change their email address, but the information is "greyed out" in OP, then there is a link between the Portal and their Account.

Follow these steps to get the email to change:

  1. Because of this link the parent needs to sign in to the Portal with their old account and go to My Account > Portal Account.

  1. From here the parent can change their email address to the new address. 

  1. When the email address is updated and the Parent hits Submit, the email will automatically be updated within OP, as shown below.