How do I archive a diagnostic test?

Version 14.10

Archive a Diagnostic Test

To archive a diagnostic test or the corresponding results component for a diagnostic test, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Diagnostic Test Utilities (Utilities Menu > Manage Clinical Features > Diagnostic Test Setup).
  2. Expand the group of Diagnostic Tests that you would like to archive (Lab Corp, Quest, In-House etc.).
  3. Select the diagnostic test or result component that you'd like to archive by highlighting the test or result.
  4. Select the Archived checkbox.

  1. A Confirmation window will appear.

Note: The pop-up box is referring to a circumstance in which you're updating the Privacy Level of a Diagnostic Test.  Answering YES to the pop-up would update all requisitions for that diagnostic test with the new Privacy Level. Answering NO would leave all requisitions at their current visibility setting. In the circumstance above, it is appropriate to answer No. 
  1. This will archive the diagnostic test and it will no longer be visible while searching for diagnostic tests in a drop down menu.