How do I Archive a Laboratory?

Version 21.3
Path: Clinical (Top Ribbon) > More > Diagnostic Tests > Lab Facilities Tab


Similar to the process of archiving individual diagnostic tests, you may want to archive a laboratory that no longer provides services for your practice.   

Archiving a laboratory does not delete old labs that you may have ordered through the laboratory, but it does remove it from the pick list of laboratory options when ordering new send-out tests.

  1. Navigate to the Lab Facilities tab by following the path above.

  1. In the Lab Configuration pane, scroll up and down to identify the laboratory name you want to archive.
  2. Click on the laboratory you want to archive. A triangle will appear on the far left of the row to confirm it is selected.

  1. Click the Edit pencil in the lower left corner of that pane.
  2. Then click the Archived box in that row, on the right side of the row. The Archived box should now be checked.

  1. Finally, click the green checkmark in the lower left corner of the Lab Configuration pane.

There may, or may not, be information associated with this laboratory, present in the Office Location Identification pane and the Provider Lab Identification (Lab Links) pane. If so,  leave this information alone.