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How do I change the default Disclosure recipient?

When printing patient records, you are required to complete the Medical Record Disclosure Tracking window to indicate which records were printed/released, who received them, and who processed the release. 

By default, Office Practicum enters the recipient of the records as "In house: file copy". If you find that it's more likely that you are giving the records to a parent, for example, you can change the sort order of the disclosure recipient so that "Given to Parent" appears first in the list. To do this:

  1. Select Utilities > Manage Codes > Coded Values in the main menu bar.
  2. In the Code Table Purpose section at the top of the window, scroll down to find Disclosure recipient.
  3. In the lower section of the window, select the most commonly used recipient for your practice.
  4. Click the Edit Record button .
  5. In the Sort column for the recipient, change the number to 1.
  6. Click the Post Editbutton to save.
  7. Now, when you print/release records, the default recipient will reflect that of sort 1.