How do I correct a portal account when a parent entered the patient's info instead of their own?

If a parent accidentally registers their child as the parent account, as well as the child account, the below steps should be taken by the practice to fix the account. Once the steps to disable the account are completed, the practice can proceed with generating a new PIN from within InteliChart.

Warning: The process of correcting the account results in the parent not being able to use the same e-mail address that was used when the initial account was created. If a parent truly needs to use the previously used email, OP Support must be contacted so that a ticket can be logged with InteliChart to completely remove the email from the database.

  1. Remove any children associated with the account. Click here for detailed steps on how to do this. The removal of associated children must be completed before completing the next step.
  2. Disable the parent account:
    1. Navigate to Patient Administration in the Practice Portal: Navigation Panel > Patient Administration.
    2. Click the Account button.
    3. Search for the parent by entering their last name, first name, and date of birth in the respective fields and selecting a Search option from the drop-down menu.
    4. When the parent name is displayed (identified by the Parent/Guardian flag), click the Select button in the Actions column.
    5. Navigate to the Account Settings section and click Disable.