How do I generate a PIN for an additional child or sibling from the Practice Portal?

When registering a patient from the Practice Portal, you can generate a PIN for additional children or siblings. Follow the steps below after sending the PIN for one child. Sending the PIN for one child ensures that the parent receives an email communication with the Patient Portal link as well as the PIN for the first child. 

  1. Navigate to the patient's portal account by either clicking their name in the Appointment List or by searching for them in Patient Administration.
  2. Click the Register button (from the Appointment List), or the Register Patient link (in the Account Settings section of the patient's portal account). The Patient Registration window opens.
  3. Ensure that the radio button to Register Patient with PIN is selected.
  4. Do not enter an email address.
  5. Select the Do Not Send PIN radio button.
  6. Click the Print PIN button or write down the PIN for the parent.

The parent can now log into the OP Patient Portal using their email address and password they established when creating their account for the first child. They can then click My Account in the upper right-hand corner of the window and select Add Child/Dependent.