How do I print patient records?

The best place to print a patient's records is from the Event Chronology window.  

  1. Click the Chronology (Chron) button in the smart toolbar.  The Event Chronology window will appear.
  2. Select Event Chronology, ALL from the Report Criteria drop-down menu.
  3. Search for the patient whose records need to be printed.
  4. For the Report Dates: 
  • Select All to print all records 


  • Select Latest and specify the number of months or enter a specific date range.  

Note: OP defaults to Latest 24 months. If you were using the Latest field and then change to All, you must click the Search button to repopulate the results.

  1. Select Select All to print all record types.  

Note: By selecting Select All, you will also be printing the Messages from the patient's chart. Deselect all items for Record Type: Message to prevent internal messages from printing.

  1. Complete the Medical Record Disclosure Tracking window.  

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