How do I see labs that have failed to be imported?

Version 14.10

This information will be presented on the Diag Tests tab in the Schedule and Practice Workflow window. The failed results will be displayed on the Failed Results tab. If there are failed results present on this tab, the record count in that grid will add to the record count displayed on the Diag Tests tab.

When viewing failed results, the only action that can be taken is to mark the failed result as reviewed by selecting the Reviewed? checkbox in the grid. Once the checkbox is selected, refresh the window to remove the failed result from view. To view all errors (reviewed and non-reviewed) click the Show All check box located on the top-right corner of the Failed Results tab.

Note: For any failed result, contact the lab to request a different method for receiving the lab result (mail, fax, etc.). In addition, there is a hyperlink to a Google form where information can be entered with details of the error. This will allow support to further research/troubleshoot the particular reason why HL7 message failed.