How is BMI calculated in OP?

In OP, you have the option to include the diagnosis for BMI% when charting a well or an encounter visit and the patient's height and weight measurements are entered in the Vitals/Growth window. From the Assessment, select the checkbox Auto-calculate BMI code.

Note: To include the BMI code on a well or encounter visit note you must select Assessment. Selecting Assessment from a note will include the BMI Dx code on the Add/Edit Charges window.

OP uses the following codes for patients 2 to 20 years of age:

  • Z65.51 (<5%)
  • Z68.52 (5%<85%)
  • Z68.53 (85%<95%)
  • Z68.54 (=>95%)

OP uses the following codes for patients 21 years and older:

  • Z68.21 to Z68.45 (BMI range 21+)