How to Customize Your Statements

Version 14.10

Follow these steps to customize your statements:

  1. Access your Statements.
  • Inside of Office Practicum select Tools > OP Reports
  • Log in
  • Select the Billing_Rpts Folder 
  • Select Billing_Statement_cp_Family
  • Right-click and select Design
  1. Add your practice's logo to the report Design (Skip this step if you do not plan to make your logo visible).
  • On the Design tab in OP Reports, find the square to the right of the return address
  • Right click inside the square and select Picture
  • Choose your logo from your computer and open it
  1. Access the customization tool within your statement reports.
  • From the Design tab in OP Reports click on the Calc Tab
  • In the Report Bands box on the upper left hand corner of the window, right click and select Module
  • Select Events
  1. Customize your statements
  • In the box on the left hand side of the screen labled "procedure GlobalOnCreate;", find the field you would like to edit
  • Follow the steps in the table below
Name of Field
You can
By Changing
Make it visible
showCash := False;
showCash :=True;
Credit Cards (entire section)
Hide it
showCreditCards := True;
showCreditCards := False;
Make it visible
showDiscover := False;
showDiscover := True;
Make it visible
showAMEX := False;
showAMEX := True;
Make it visible
showLogo := False;
showLogo := True;
Logo Height
Change the size to another height (in inches)
logoHeight := 0.75;
logoHeight := x.xx;

Example: logoHeight:= 0.50;
Logo Width
Change the size to another width (in inches)
logoWidth := 0.75;
logoWidth := x.xx;  

Example: logoWidth := 1.25;
Permanent Message
Insert a message to be written on every statement you send
permanentMessage := '';
permanentMessage := 'Type your message here!';
Due Days
Change "Due Date: Upon Receipt" to a calculation that will add
your desired number of days to the date you print a statement.
dueDays := 0;
dueDays := xx;

Example: A statement printed on 3/10/2015 with dueDays := 30 would print as
Due Date:   4/10/2015