How to Troubleshoot Permissions

Version 14.19


If you run into an issue of a user being unable to access something in OP that they previously could access (or not being able to access something they previously could), there are two variables to consider:

  • The user must have the Permission(s) needed to access that area of the system. This is the best place to start when troubleshooting access issues.
  • The user must have their Personalization set to enable the item to be in view.

This page focuses on troubleshooting the Permission aspect of the issue. Click here to learn how to troubleshoot Personalization.


Permissions are assigned individually or as part of a permission group in the Membership tab of the Security Settings window (Admin > Security Administration). If a user says “Wanda shouldn’t have permission to X, but she does,” be sure to assess the following:

  • Is the individual permission assigned to the user in the User tab?
  • Is the permission part of a Group to which the user is assigned in the Membership tab? 

An easy way to run a report of permissions given to staff is via running an SQL in DB Viewer. Click here to access the SQL code. 

If the access issue still remains after troubleshooting the permissions, it is recommended to then assess a user's Personalization. Click here to learn how to troubleshoot Personalization.