How to Troubleshoot Personalization

Version 14.19


If you run into an issue of a user being unable to access something in OP that they previously could access (or not being able to access something they previously could), there are two variables to consider:

  • The user must have the Permission(s) needed to access that area of the system. This is the best place to start when troubleshooting access issues.
  • The user must have their Personalization set to enable the item to be in view.

This page focuses on troubleshooting the Personalization aspect of the issue. 


Personalization is set by individual users from the ribbon and can affect what they may not be able to access even when they have the appropriate permission to do so. If users are unable to access something they think they should be able to, it is recommended to first troubleshoot permissions. If that is unsuccessful, review the personalization by doing the following: 

  1. Right-click in the blue ribbon. 
  2. Select Customize the Ribbon... The Ribbon Customization window opens where:
  • The left side of the window shows all tabs and items for which the user has permissions to see. Each can be expanded to display what the user has permissions to see.
  • The right side of the window shows the way in which the personalization for the user has been set. Each item can be expanded to display the contents. 

  1. Keep in mind the following tips regarding Personalization:
  • Deselecting a checkbox in the right side of the window will remove that particular tab from view.
  • The up and down arrows allow users to reorder the order of tabs and buttons.
  • The left and right arrows allow users to add or remove items from view.
  1. Use the Reset button at the bottom of the window to reset all personalization or just that of a selected tab on the right.

NoteIf a permission was given in the user's current session, it is recommended to log out and back into OP in order to see it as an option in the left list of all possible tabs and commands.