How to use E-Prescribing (e-Rx) Center

Version 14.10

How to use E-Prescribing (e-Rx) Center

The E-Rx center is located in the Schedule and Practice Workflow window. This form provides a 'home base' for all e-Prescribing transactions. The e-Prescribing center is where the practice can track and manage prescriptions. From here you can complete all of your e-Rx tasks.

  • The e-Rx window will default to the logged in user. You may view Rx's for other providers by selecting them under Scope or changing the Prescriber Name.
  • A series of tabs along the top of the form mark the different stages of the prescription during the transmission process. 

  • Created, Not Printed/Sent: prescriptions that have not yet been printed or sent electronically. These will most commonly contain prescriptions written on a paper prescription pad. 

NoteYou may change the status of a prescription by selecting that prescription, clicking on edit, going to the status tab and updating the Most Recent Action. 
  • Need Co-signature: prescriptions that require a co-signer. Prescriptions will sit here and should be co-signed within 24 hours. To co-sign a prescription place a check mark next to the prescription and click on Sign.

  • Sent: prescriptions that have been sent to the pharmacy and are still in the transmission process. 

  • Delivered: prescriptions that have been delivered electronically to the pharmacy. 

  • Failed: These prescriptions did not make it electronically to the Pharmacy. A fax backup may have been sent and will need to be noted on the prescription if this is the case. When prescriptions fail please contact Support so that this can be researched and the reason for failure resolved.

  • Refill/Change Requests: prescriptions here come from the pharmacy. It is recommended that these be taken care of within 48 hours. If 48 hours passes, you may see another refill request come in for the same patient.

NoteTo approve or deny a refill request you must select the prescription and click on the Accept/Deny button. Once you click on Accept/Deny the prescription will open.
  • You may Accept the prescription to approve refills.
  • To Deny a prescription, first choose the Denial Reason and then click on Deny.

  • Refills Denied: prescriptions that have been denied for refill.