ICD-10 Code Updates Effective 10/1/2022


Every October, Office Practicum uses Health Language to access and update the complete list of the latest acceptable Diagnosis Codes. Below are the ICD-10 codes that have been added for October 1, 2022. This list also includes additions and deletions of descriptions. 

It’s important to update templates, diagnostic tests, screenings, and favorites to include these new codes, if applicable. See Add or Edit a Diagnosis Template for detailed steps on how to validate the DX Codes on your Diagnosis Templates.

Tip: The following resources can also be referenced regarding the ICD-10 Code changes.

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B37 Candidiasis (New Codes & Descriptors Added)

  • B37.31 Acute candidiasis of vulva and vagina
    • Descriptor: Candidiasis of vulva and vagina NOS
  • B37.32 Chronic candidiasis vulva and vagina
    • Descriptor: Recurrent candidiasis of vulva and vagina

D68 Von Willebrand Disease (New Code Added)

  • D68.00 Von Willebrand disease, unspecified

E34 Other Endocrine Disorders (New Codes & Descriptors Added)

  • E34.3 Short stature due to endocrine disorder
    • Excludes: Short stature (child) (R62.52)
  • E34.30 Short stature due to endocrine disorder, unspecified
  • E34.31 Constitutional short stature
    • Descriptor: Constitutional delay of growth, puberty, or maturation

F10 Alcohol-Related Disorders (New Code Added)

  • F10.90 Alcohol use, unspecified, uncomplicated

F33 Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent (New Descriptor Added)

  • Descriptor: Recurrent episodes of seasonal affective disorder

F43 Reaction to Severe Stress, and Adjustment Disorders (New Codes & Descriptors Added)

  • F43.81 Prolonged grief disorder
    • Descriptor: Complicated grief / Complicated grief disorder / Persistent complex bereavement disorder
  • F43.89 Other reactions to severe stress

P28 Other Respiratory Conditions Originating in the Perinatal Period (New Code & Descriptors Added)

  • P28.40 Unspecified apnea of newborn 
    • Descriptor: Apnea of newborn, NOS / Transient oxygen desaturation spells of newborn

S06.0X Concussion (New Codes, Descriptors Added & Deleted)

  • S06.0XA Concussion with loss of consciousness status unknown
    • Descriptor: Concussion NOS
  • S06.0X1 Includes descriptor: Concussion with brief loss of consciousness
  • S06.0X9 Deleted descriptor: Concussion NOS

Z59 Problems Related to Housing and Economic Circumstances (New Codes & Descriptors Added)

  • Z59.82 Transportation insecurity 
    • Descriptor: Excessive transportation time / inaccessible transportation / inadequate transportation / lack of transportation, /unaffordable transportation / unreliable transportation / unsafe transportation
  • Z59.86 Financial Insecurity 
    • Descriptor: Bankruptcy / Burdensome debt / Economic strain / Financial strain / Money problems / Running out of money / Unable to make ends meet
    • Excludes: Extreme poverty (Z59.5), Low income (Z59.6), Material hardship, not elsewhere classified (Z59.87).
  • Z59.87 Material Hardship 
    • Descriptor: Material deprivation / Unable to obtain adequate childcare / Unable to obtain adequate clothing / Unable to obtain adequate utilities / Unable to obtain basic needs.
    • Excludes: Extreme poverty (Z59.5), Financial insecurity, not elsewhere classified (Z59.86), low income (Z59.6).

Information about SDOH codes

SDOH-related codes

  • Report these codes when an SDOH affects the patient's care or poses a risk. For example, a chronic medication has been prescribed but the parent/patient is unable to pay. You would code Z59.86 to document the patient's increased risk for noncompliance. You would not report it if it does not affect clinical decision-making and there is no expressed concern by the parent/patient.

Z71 Persons Encountering Health Services for Other Counseling and Medical Advice, Not Elsewhere Classified (New Codes)

  • Z71.87 Encounter for pediatric-to-adult transition counseling / Code also chronic condition, if applicable, such as: Autism spectrum disorder (F84.0), congenital malformations of the circulatory system (Q20-Q28, Cystic fibrosis (E84-), sickle-cell disorder (D57-).
  • Z71.88 Encounter for counseling for socioeconomic factors