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ICD-10 Coding for COVID-19

Consistent with the scheduled update to the ICD-10 code set, the CDC/NCHS will implement new diagnosis codes for reporting, effective with the next update on October 1, 2020

Update: ICD-10 code, U07.1, originally slated for the October code release, has been expedited and is acceptable as of April 1, 2020.

The AAP has provided coding guidance specific to ICD-10 coding for COVID-19. Visit How to use ICD-10-CM, new lab testing codes for COVID-19 to review the coding guidance, specifically around respiratory conditions. If a respiratory condition is not able to be diagnosed, a nonspecific viral illness ICD should be used unless you have a positive validated test result that confirms the diagnosis of COVID-19.

Warning: Practices who use codes ahead of the scheduled release of the particular code run the risk of having their claims denied.