Identify Sensitive Data

OP sets all defaults to share all information. Any individual decisions by Practice-users to restrict information sharing (access, use, or exchange) are the responsibility of the Practice in the implementation of its 21st Century Cures Act Information Blocking policies and procedures for its Practice and patients.


The standard across all chart elements is that only items with the visibility set to Any Staff Member are shared to the Patient Portal. The SQLs listed below were created to identify different elements of sensitive data to ensure that it is shared appropriately with the Patient Portal. If you're unfamiliar with using SQLs, click here to learn about running them in Database Viewer. Additional resources are also available.


Additional Resource(s)

This short video explains how the Problem List is displayed for patients in the portal.
OP Practice Portal: Code Management QRG

This quick reference guide explains the process in the Practice Portal for managing diagnoses you want to display in the Patient Portal on a patient's Problems list.

This article lists each area of the Patient Chart where visibility can be restricted, shows how to restrict it, and how to view items that have been restricted.