Immunization Quick Entry Chart

Version 14.8

About Immunization Quick Entry Chart

Path: Smart Toolbar > Chart button > Immunizations tab > Quick Entry button

The Immunization Quick Entry Chart provides vaccine documentation when it is necessary to update a vaccine administered outside the office or prior to the vaccine inventory being used to document vaccines given by the practice.

Immunization Quick Entry Chart Map



Vaccine gridThe vaccine grid selects individual or combination vaccines.  Combination vaccines only need to be entered in one of the component fields. Refresh the screen to automatically update the other component fields of the combination vaccine. You can automatically copy the last date entered by pressing the spacebar.  Enter the date when the vaccine was removed from inventory and administered.


Refresh buttonThe Refresh button updates the vaccine fields.
Function buttons
The function buttons insert a record, delete a record, edit a record, post an edit, and cancel an edit.


Vaccine ListVaccines can be entered from the vaccine grid or the vaccine list. Not all vaccines are listed under the vaccine category. If you cannot find the vaccine, enter the required information in the list at the right of the window.