Immunization Registry Codes

Version 14.8

About Immunization Registry Codes

Path: Utilities Menu > Manage Codes > Registry Lookup Codes (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][C][R])

The Immunization Registry Codes are codes issued and required by each state's Immunization Registry. Codes can be reviewed, added, modified, or deleted.

Warning: Changes to data in these tables should be made ONLY by request or under the guidance of Office Practicum's training and technical staff. For more information, contact your Immunization Registry or Office Practicum.

Immunization Registry Codes Map



Registry Code Table dropdown
The Registry Code Table dropdown selects the code table to be reviewed/edited.


Registry Code grid
The Immunization Registry Code grid displays the registry codes for the selected code table. Codes can be reviewed and modified.


Allow Editing checkbox
The Allow Editing Checkbox enables editing of the Immunization Registry Code tables. Many of the values in these tables are required for the accurate transmission of information to immunization registries. Do not modify these immunization registry codes unless you have been specifically directed to change them in order to meet new registry requirements.