Immunizations: Complete List - Edit

Version 14.19


From the Complete tab of a child's Immunization record, you have the ability to edit vaccine records. The Edit button can be used to correct information such as, route, body site, vaccinator, or Lot number. In addition, you could select the checkbox to not forecast a vaccine, change the status or record an adverse reaction or VAERS injury type.

  1. Navigate to a patient chart: Clinical, Practice Management, Billing tab > Patient Chart.
  2. Search for and select a patient chart.
  3. Click Immunizations and select the Complete List tab.
  4. Select the immunization to edit.
  5. Click the Edit button to open the Edit Vaccine window. 

Note: Click here to view the fields and definitions of the New Vaccine window.

  1. Make changes to the vaccine and click the Save button.