Immunizations & Vaccines


Measles Outbreaks, Early MMR: Implications for VacLogic
Measles Outbreaks, Early MMR: Implications for VacLogic Many pediatric practices are being impacted by measles outbreaks in their regions and are working hard to give appropriate care and advice to their patients and families. Some additional reso...
MenB Name Changes
This page details the name changes for the Meningococcal Group B, Recombinant Vaccine.
Enter Historical Vaccines and Vaccines Given, BEFORE Using the Vaccine Inventory
The information on this page will instruct you on entry of historic vaccines using Quick Entry.
Order an Immunization
Add an Immunization: Click the Imm tab. Immunizations associated to the template will display in the Immunization Picklist section.
Documenting a Wasted Vaccine Dose
Version 14.19 When a vaccine dose was wasted, it must be recorded in OP 14. To do this: Navigate to Activities > Maintain Vaccine Inventory . The Vaccine Inventory window appears. Locate the vaccine lot number that contains a wasted dose. ...
Administer Vaccines
In this section, you will view the steps needed to administer vaccines that were ordered.
Administer Vaccines Not Ordered
In this section, you will review the steps needed to document vaccines administered to a patient that were not ordered.
Best Practices for Documenting Vaccine Refusals
When documenting vaccine refusals in OP 14, it is important to understand what you intend to accomplish with the refusal documentation and how OP 14 behaves with the information you enter.
Enter a Documented Immunity
Below are the steps to documenting an indicator for vaccine: (In the example below, we are documenting that the patient had chicken pox and therefore does not require "Varicella" vaccine)
Documenting Vaccine Reactions
Allergies and Reactions are shown separated into the categories: Medication Allergy, Non- Medication Allergy, Adverse Reactions to Rx, and Vaccine Reactions.
View and Print Patient's Vaccine Record
The information on this page will instruct you on methods of viewing and printing a patient immunization record.
Correcting Vaccines
Update a Vaccine Documented in a Patient's Chart: Open the patient's immunization record. Click Enter Immunization button. The immunization information will open.
Payback Vaccines
In OP, the Vaccine Inventory keeps track of all of the vaccines that have been borrowed so when a new shipment arrives you can check your list and account for all vaccines that have been paid back.
Borrowing Vaccines
In OP, the borrow/payback within the vaccine inventory is used as an accounting tool to be able to switch the vaccine to the opposite stock (VFC or Private) so you can document accordingly.
Documenting Synagis
Best Practice to create a Synagis template and how to document Synagis given when your patient comes into the office.
Patient Consent
Every state or locale has it's own patient privacy laws, however each locations rules can be grouped into 4 main categories.
Move Vaccine Inventory
Version 14.19 Overview There may be instances where it is necessary to take vaccine inventory from one office location and move it to another office location. You may wish to move an entire vaccine lot due to an error in entry or move a vaccin...
Vaccine Administered Incorrectly
Version 14.19 Overview The information in this article will instruct you on correcting a vaccine administered incorrectly on a child's Immunization record. This can be the incorrect vaccine or lot. When a vaccine is administered incorrectly,...
Electronic Vaccine Consent Form
Version 14.19 Overview The Practice may wish to use an electronic vaccine consent form to capture vaccine administration dates and a parent signature. The information below will demonstrate how to capture and save that information.  Add a ...
Vaccine Resource Links
Version 14.19 Vaccine Schedules contains the following Immunization Schedule for Aged 18 Years or Younger, United States, 2018 Interactive with Hyperlinks to footnotes Footnotes contain: routine recommendations, catch-up schedules, an...
MenB-FHbp Vaccine Recommendation
Version 14.19 Overview The information on this page will discuss forecasting and recalls based on when the 2nd dose of MenB-FHbp vaccine was given in compliance with ACIP guidelines.  Note : There are two MenB vaccines that are lic...
Workaround: Using Quick Entry to Delete Vaccines
Workaround: Using Quick Entry to Delete Vaccines As mentioned on the Known Issues page, deleting a vaccine through Enter Immunization does not update the Vaccine Inventory. This issue will be resolved in a future build of OP software. Summary&...
Administering a Double Dose of a Vaccine
Should the occasion arise that an individual needs a double dose of a vaccine, it is OP's best practice to follow these steps to ensure that the integrity of documentation, billing, and Vac-Logic forecasting are maintained.  In this example...