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Beyfortus Resources
This page has all you need to know about Beyfortus, including videos, SQL, and links to show you best practices.
Measles Outbreaks, Early MMR: Implications for VacLogic+
Measles Outbreaks, Early MMR: Implications for VacLogic+ Many pediatric practices are being impacted by measles outbreaks in their regions and are working hard to give appropriate care and advice to their patients and families. Some additional res...
Enter Historical Vaccines and Vaccines Given, BEFORE Using the Vaccine Inventory
The information on this page will instruct you on entry of historic vaccines using Quick Entry.
Order an Immunization
Add an Immunization: Click the Imm tab. Immunizations associated to the template will display in the Immunization Picklist section.
Resolving Vaccine Registry Rejections
Version 21.2 About When a patient is rejected from an immunization information system (IIS) registry for any bi-directional interface or near real-time uni-directional interface, a task is created for someone at the practice to address. Some com...
Documenting a Wasted Vaccine Dose
Record wasted vaccine doses in OP by updating the Vaccine Inventory and documenting relevant information in the Notes field.
Administer Vaccines
Learn how to administer vaccines, whether or not a task was created.
Enter a Documented Immunity
Below are the steps to documenting an indicator for vaccine: (In the example below, we are documenting that the patient had chicken pox and therefore does not require "Varicella" vaccine)
View and Print Patient's Vaccine Record
The information on this page will instruct you on methods of viewing and printing a patient immunization record.
Correcting Vaccines
Update a Vaccine Documented in a Patient's Chart: Open the patient's immunization record. Click Enter Immunization button. The immunization information will open.
Payback Vaccines
In OP, the Vaccine Inventory keeps track of all of the vaccines that have been borrowed so when a new shipment arrives you can check your list and account for all vaccines that have been paid back.
Borrowing Vaccines
In OP, the borrow/payback within the vaccine inventory is used as an accounting tool to be able to switch the vaccine to the opposite stock (VFC or Private) so you can document accordingly.
Documenting Synagis
Best Practice to create a Synagis template and how to document Synagis given when your patient comes into the office.
Patient Consent
Every state or locale has it's own patient privacy laws, however each locations rules can be grouped into 4 main categories.
Move or Share Vaccine Inventory
Learn how to move Vaccine Lots from one location's inventory to another.
Electronic Vaccine Consent Form
This document explains how to use an electronic vaccine consent form to capture vaccine administration dates and parent signatures.
Vaccine Resource Links
This article provides comprehensive information on Vaccine Schedules, Vaccine Programs, Vaccine Information Sheets, and other related tables and mappings.
MenB-FHbp Vaccine Recommendation
The article discusses forecasting and recalls for the MenB-FHbp vaccine based on ACIP guidelines, including dosing schedules and administration.
Administering a Double Dose of a Vaccine
Sometimes a user may need to enter a double dose of a vaccine. For example, a nurse might want to administer an adult dose (1 ml) of hepatitis A vaccine, but she only has the pediatric dose (0.5 ml) available. An adult dose of the Hep A vaccine woul...
Charting: Defer a Vaccine
Learn how to document individual or multiple vaccine deferrals while charting.
Charting: Refuse a Vaccine
The article explains how to document a vaccine refusal during charting and how to re-forecast a refused vaccine if needed.
Immunizations: Complete List - Refuse
The article explains how to handle vaccine refusals in a patient's record, including updating the status and vaccine inventory if necessary.
Immunizations: Complete List - New
This article explains how to create new vaccine records in a child's Immunization record, including entering detailed information for each vaccine.
Immunizations: Complete List - Edit
This article explains how to edit vaccine records in a child's Immunization record, including correcting information and making changes.
Immunizations: Complete List - Defer
Learn how to Defer a vaccine from the Complete List.
Immunizations: Complete List - Adverse Reaction
Learn how to edit a vaccine record to document an adverse reaction.
Selecting Immunization Administration
Refer to the table below for an explanation of each Immunization Administration option. The information will be used to set the practice System Preference on the Billing tab. The System Preference setting can be change on the Insurance Pay...
Vaccine Indicators
Vaccine Status Indicators will display on Complete List on the Historical Status Indicators tab. The Indicators found in this tab are read only, no manual entry is permitted. Any newly added indicator will be read only. Listed below are valid in...
Kinrix and Quadracel Vaccine Dosing
Overview DTaP-IPV manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline as Kinrix and Sanofi Pasteur as Quadracel have the same CVX of 130 but different dosing recommendations. Refer to the chart below for detail information of vaccine dosing. Kinrix : A combination o...
Td or Tdap Vaccine Dosing
Recommendations for the use of Td or Tdap for the decennial Td booster and catch-up immunization schedule for persons aged > 7 years with incomplete or unknown vaccination history.
Add or Modify VIS Sheet: Non-Barcode
This article describes how to add, modify, or archive a VIS.
Age and Dosage Warning Messages for DTaP+IPV
The Vaccine Logic in OP has been updated to create separate warning messages for DTap+IPV vaccine.
PPSV23: Pneumococcal Vaccine Forecasting in OP
This document provides guidelines on administering pneumococcal vaccines and updating indicators for PPV based on special situations and high-risk conditions.
Add a Vaccine to the Vaccine Codes Table
The article instructs on manually adding a vaccine product to the vaccine codes table.
Administer Vaccines to Non-Patients
The article explains how to add a non-patient to OP to administer vaccines.
Move Vaccine Inventory: Manual Product Administration
This article provides instructions on how to retire a vaccine lot, archive manually entered vaccine products, and enter vaccine inventory in OP.
Add GTIN and NDC Numbers to a Vaccine Product
About When vaccine products change or when additional NDC and GTIN numbers are available, it is the responsibility of the practice to enter this information in the Vaccine Products table. Navigate to Practice Management tab > More button (Ref...
Bi-directional Immunization Information System (IIS): Benefits and Workflow
Learn the benefits of and workflow for a bi-directional IIS interface.
Immunization Registries: Best Practices
This article outlines common pitfalls we see with practice connections to IIS systems.
VIS Links in the Patient Education Library
This article provides a reference table of the information needed to add/edit the URL for any Vaccine Information Sheet and all active VIS editions both in English and Spanish.
Synagis: Document Like a Vaccine, or Document Like an Injection?
This article will show three ways of documenting administration of Synagis to an infant within OP: like a vaccine, like a non-vaccine injectable, and using a template.