Import Documents into OP Cloud

Note: This documentation applies to the OP Cloud environment.

To import a document into the OP Cloud:

  1. Click the Document Mgmt button on the main OP toolbar to access the Document Management window.
  2. Click the New Document button.
  3. Select the Import Documents button (or the Import Image Files button, depending on what you want to import). The File Explorer window appears. 
  4. Navigate to the Network location in the File Explorer window.
  5. Select tsclient.
  6. Locate Local Drive folders (C:\, D:\, etc.).  The path to your desktop is Network > tsclient > C:\ >Users > local username > Desktop.
  • The "local username" will be the Windows username that is currently logged in.

Tip: We recommend that your IT Professional setup a Shared Network folder or drive to make the importing path more accessible. This is applicable when users are able to scan directly to the shared folder.