Importing Medication History

Path: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart > Medications


The purpose of importing medication history allows the practice to include medication prescriptions from providers outside of the practice. This may include specialists involved in the patient's care, urgent care, emergency room or prior PCPs. Importing medication history can save time in entry of outside medications and entry of medications for new patients to the practice. For information on eligibility checking and workflow click here.

Below are instructions on how to import medication history keeping in mind that this information comes from Pharmacy Benefits Plans and not all patients are covered by a plan that participates in sharing this data.

  1. Using the path above, search for and select a patient.
  2. Click Medications.
  3. Click the Med History button.

Note: If there are no pharmacy benefits information available for the patient, you will get the below notification, click the OK button.

  1. The consent Warning dialog box displays, click Yes.

  1. The Privacy Consent dialog box displays, click Save. This records that you have been given permission by the patient/family to look for this information.

  1. The Medication History dialog box displays, enter the number of months to check for medications, the default number of months is 3. Enter 0 to check for all medications. It is recommended to start with a smaller time frame to avoid a time-out error for complex patients whom may take many medications.

Note: If there are no medications found the Information dialog box displays, click OK.

  1. Available medications will display on the External Medications List tab.
  2. To add, click the checkbox next to the medication and click the Import Selected button.


  • The information available in the External Medication List is variable and depends on information available from the Pharmacy Benefits Manager. 
  • If a patient changed their Pharmacy Benefits Manager, medications covered by the prior Pharmacy Benefits Manager may not be available to import.
  • Medications selected will be listed as as a Status of Imported and the Purpose of Med - reference only.
  • Currently, any medication that has been imported may not be refilled. The medication is for reference only. If needing to refill you must write the prescription in OP.
  • If you select a medication to import that already exists in the patient's medication list you will get a confirmation window. You may choose to import by selecting Yes or No to skip the medication.