Installation on a Workstation

Note: This documentation applies to the OP Cloud environment.


Before beginning the process of installing an OP Cloud instance on your workstation, you must have been provided credentials by Office Practicum Support. If your display scaling is set to something other than 100%, the OP Cloud installer may not display properly and be difficult to view. Once the install is complete, Parallels and OP will operate and display properly.

Install OP Cloud

  1. Download the OP Cloud Installer:  OP Cloud 32-bit Installer or OP Cloud 64-bit Installer
  2. If you do not already have an instance of TeamViewer (or Connexin Viewer), our remote support utility, it can be downloaded by clicking one of the following links:
  1. Double-click the Cloud Install icon on the desktop to run the OP Cloud Installer that you just downloaded.

  1. Enter the Username, Password, and Server Address provided by Office Practicum Support.

  1. Select Install Parallels for All users. The installation is complete once the configuration box disappears and the Parallels Client icon appears on your desktop. During this time the installer appears unresponsive for up to one minute.

  1. Double-click on the Parallels Client icon to launch Parallels Client.

  1. Double-click Office Practicum, found under Connections in the left-hand side panel. An OP icon is created and is displayed in the Info panel of the window, as well as on the Desktop.

  1. Double-click the OP icon on the desktop or in the Info panel to open OP.