Cloud Installation on Mac OSX

This documentation applies to the OP Cloud environment.

To install Office Practicum on a Mac OSX:

  1. Download the app Parallels Client from the App Store. It is a free application and can be found by opening the App Store and typing "Parallels Client" into the search engine.    

  1. Open the Parallels Client application.
  2. The Parallels Client will display a message informing that you have no connections configured. Click Add to configure a new connection.  

  1. Select the option for Parallels Application Server.

  1. Select Advanced settings.

  1. On the Connection tab, fill in the required fields with the following information:
  1. Primary Connection:
  2. Mode: Gateway SSL Mode
  3. Port: 443
  4. Friendly Name: OP Cloud
  5. Logon Automatically: deselect checkbox
  6. Username and Password are supplied by Office Practicum and are unique to each device (example: 1234_0001234).
  7. Save Password: select checkbox
  8. Domain: OP

  1. Click OK once the information is filled in.
  2. You'll see an icon for Office Practicum.  Double-click on that icon to authenticate and gain access to your Office Practicum instance.  

  1. Double-click on the OP Icon to launch Office Practicum.