OP Mobile

When you switch from Client Server to Cloud, you are also changing your Portal from Client Server to Cloud. OP Mobile has a dependency on the Portal Website Address (URL) when it is being setup and configured. This URL changes when you transition from Client-Server to Cloud (and it has to). Whenever a client transitions from Client Server to Cloud, they do, in fact, need to repair the connection between their phone or iPad to OP Mobile.

  1. Close OP Mobile app completely on the device in question.
  2. On the device, go to Settings > OP Mobile.
  3. Turn on the radio button to "Clear App Data".
  4. Launch OP Mobile. You should be prompted at this point to "clear your keychain" and "are you sure you want to clear your app data?". Select YES at these prompts.
  •  If this prompt disappears before you can select a response, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show your apple device's Control Panel, then swipe it back down, the prompt should reappear.
  1. Complete the pairing process normally, being sure to use the new cloud Portal URL at the initial pairing screen. Visit OP Mobile Pairing Instructions Video for a video tutorial on pairing your device.