We are currently updating the OP Help Center content for the release of OP 14.19 or OP 19. OP 19 is a member of the certified OP 14 family of products (official version is 14.19.1), which you may see in your software (such as in Help > About) and in the Help Center tabs labeled 14.19. You may also notice that the version number in content and videos may not match the version of your software, and some procedural content may not match the workflow in your software. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make these enhancements.

Installing OP on a Client Workstation

Installing Office Practicum

The client workstation install program can be downloaded from www.opmed.net.  You will need to login with your practice credentials and then go to Categories>Installations and select OP Client Workstation Setup or from the following link: https://www.opmed.net/executable/OPClient14installer.exe.

  1. Locate the 'OPClient14installer.exe' on your desktop and double-click on the icon.

Before Clicking Next
Make sure the gdb_common folder that is on the server is mapped.
  1. To map the gdb_common folder, right click on Start and select Explore. This will open the File Explorer. From the menu located at the top, select Tools > Map Network Drive. On this screen, select the drive letter for the mapping (we recommend X:). Enter the IP address and gdb_common share in the format \\ipaddress\gdb_common. Click on Connect. If you are asked for a username and password, put in the username and password for your server and click to remember the password. This will map the drive. If you get an error, you may need to contact your IT person for the correct way to map a network drive within your network. Once the gdb_common folder is mapped, then click Next.

  1. Select the location where OP will be installed. The default location is C:\OP.
  2. Click Next after the location is selected.

  1. During the install of Office Practicum there will be another setup for OCX. Select Next.

  1. Do not edit this, select Next.

  1. Select Install.

  1. Make sure the Launch OCX Register is checked and select Finish.

  1. There will be a Firebird security prompt. Select Yes to install.

  1. Select Close.
  2. Open Office Practicum via the icon on the desktop
  3. It should now update and then open OP.
  4. Now there should be the OP icon, along with a Connexinviewer icon on the desktop. Any users may now log in to this workstation should have access to both.