Insurance Payer Details

Version 14.8

About Insurance Payer Details

Path: Utilities Menu > Manage Practice > Insurance Payers > (Select Payer) > Edit button (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][P][I])

The Insurance Payer Details window contains the insurance payer details such as basic information, claims/routings, and contracts.

Insurance Payer Details Map




Basic Information tabThe Basic Information tab contains all the basic details for the insurance payer such as short code, short name, full name, address, contact name, phone number, note, status, start date, end date, fee schedule, and coding.


Claims/Routing tabThe Claims/Routing tab sets the insurance payer transaction details.


Contracts tabThe Contracts tab lists all the contracts associated with the insurance payer with an effective date and expiration date. You may also attach a contract.


Change Merge Code buttonThe Change/Merge Code button opens the Change/Merge Codes form.  This button begins the process of changing the existing insurance carrier short code to a new insurance carrier short code or merging the existing short code with a different existing short code.  This operation will change the existing Carrier Code for all corresponding records in the forms.  It should not be performed while the system is active.