Insurance Payers and Contracts


Add an Insurance Payer
Follow the steps below to add additional insurance payers. SELF-PAY should remain in the table, OP will automatically assign patients to the SELF-PAY if they do not have insurance.
Insurance Payer Record Field Descriptions
This article includes field descriptions for the Basic Information and Claims/Routing tab.
Locate Billing Information in the Staff Directory
The Provider Info tab in the Staff Provider Directory hold the credential numbers used for billing, requisitions, and eprescribing.
Modifying an Associated Provider Record
From time to time, your office may need to edit a provider pin or group number, as identified by a payer. This information is kept and updated in the Insurance Payer.
Connect Providers to Insurance Payers
Once a payer has been entered into OP, all provider(s) MUST be associated with payer in the Insurance Payer List who they are credentialed with in order to generate a claim for a provider.
Add, Edit, and Copy Insurance Contracts
Insurance contracts offer four significant improvements over the reimbursement schedules.
Associate an Insurance Contract with a Payer
Insurance Contracts can be created to keep track of an insurance reimbursement schedule. Each insurance company can have their own insurance contract.
Using the Update Insurance Contracts Window
OP has released a new tool, the 'Update Insurance Contracts' window, to help manage your Insurance Contracts.
Taxonomy Fields
This article explains how to enter this information into OP 14 in order to make sure the taxonomy code exists on claims in the appropriate location as dictated by your Insurance carrier.