Insurance Payment - EOB Processing


Post a Payment to a Patient's Claim
Here you'll learn how to post payments from the Bulk Payments or the Patient Account.
Memorize a Check Number for Reuse while Posting EOB
When your are posting EOBs in Office Practicum, you can use the "memorize" check feature as you are posting an EOB.
Entering an Insurance Payment from the Patient Account
Learn how to post payments from the Patient Account. When you are ready to proceed with EOB posting, from a paper EOB, please follow the below steps.
Entering an Insurance Payment from Bulk Payments
When you are ready to proceed with EOB posting, from a paper EOB, please follow the steps below.
Posting an Insurance Credit Card Payment
Version 14.19 There may be some payers who issue claim payments in the form of credit cards rather than checks. To process these credit card payments in OP, you must be contracted with Instamed's Merchant Services .  Warnin...
Transferring a Full or Partial Balance to a Patient
When posting an Explanation of Benefits, there may be instances where you need to apply either a full balance or a portion of a balance to patient responsibility. Follow the steps below to transfer b
Billing Secondary Claims
When posting EOB's from payers, there may be an instance where the patient owes a responsibility. These are step-by-step instructions on how to send a balance to a secondary payer.
Adjusting a Patient or an Insurance Balance
Learn how to adjust a patient or insurance balance by following the steps below.
Processing an Insurance Retraction, Takeback, or Recoupment
In some cases, insurance companies will take money back on claims that they have partially or fully paid to a provider, due to, but not limited to the following.
Entering an Overpayment
If an insurance payment was made to your office in error as a duplicate payment a user will notice that once a claim is settled there is not a way to post an additional payment on the claim.
Balancing an EOB that has been Posted
Once a user has completed posting their paper remittance, you will want to ensure that the amount that was posted into Office Practicum balances to what was sent to you on the EOB.
Post a Returned Check
In the event a patient's check is returned for any reason, you will want to post the returned check in order to keep a record of that transaction. The instructions below will walk you through how to
Billing Tertiary Claims
Version 14.19 In the rare case where a child has a tertiary insurance, you will find that the options for claim submission only includes transmitting claims to a primary payer or a secondary payer. In order to queue a claim to a tertiary insuranc...