OP Patient Portal (InteliChart)


New OP Intelichart Portal Implementation Schedule
This document will allow your practice to easily determine when OP plans to deliver the portal to your practice.
OP Patient Portal Upcoming Features
This article outlines the features that will be added to the portal throughout the rest of 2019.
OP Patient Portal Upcoming Features: Interim Solutions
This article outlines interim solutions to implement for upcoming features on the portal.
OP Patient Portal Permission Map
This article outlines all of the portal permissions.
OP Patient Portal: Out-of-the-Box Configuration
This article outlines the settings for your portal that were set by the OP implementation team.
OP Patient Portal Features
This article describes the portal features.
Appointment Type Cleanup for OP Patient Portal Readiness
This article explains how to maintain the appointment types for the portal.
Understanding PIN Generation
This article explains PIN generation for the portal.
Add a Proxy to a Patient's Portal Account
A Proxy is a person who is authorized to view a medical record. A Proxy can have access to the medical record indefinitely or expire by a specified date. A Proxy may be assigned, for example, in cases of child welfare.
How Clinical Data Flows to the OP Patient Portal
This article explains how your clinical data gets to the portal.
OP Patient Portal Send Bulk Message
There may be times where the practice needs to send a message to several or many patients that are registered on the Patient Portal. To send a bulk message your user must be assigned Messaging permission or associated to a Role with this permission.
OP Patient Portal (InteliChart) FAQs
This article contains FAQs related to the portal.
OP Patient Portal: Patient Education Workflow
This article outlines patient education workflows on the portal.
Navigating the Practice Portal
InteliChart Canned Reports (Non-MU)
Path: InteliChart Practice Portal > Main Navigation Panel > Reports > Canned Reports Overview InteliChart comes with several canned reports that are not necessarily used for MU reporting purposes. These reports enable the practice to ...
OP Patient Portal: Managing Appointment Requests
Appointment Requests sent from the OP Patient Portal to OP are received by all users who have been assigned to the IC- Appointment Request department in the OP Staff Directory.
OP Patient Portal: Manage Visibility of Diagnosis Codes and Diagnostic Tests
The content in this article is relevant to the OP Patient Portal, powered by InteliChart. Overview Diagnosis Codes and Diagnostic Tests can both be restricted from view on the OP Patient Portal. The following steps should be taken to ensure that...
OP Patient Portal: Labs
Overview When a practice wishes to have labs visible for the parent/guardian/patient on the Patient Portal, the Show Lab Tests Page / Widget must be set to the ON position in Portal Management > Patient Interface > Manage Setup > Portal F...