Interpreting Medical Home Results (Custom Tab) 2017

Version 14.10

The first thing to do when on this tab is verify that the date range, provider and location are all set according to the parameters you would like.

  • Date Range:  Select your begin and end date.
  • Provider:  The QIC gives the ability to report by provider or for your entire practice/location.
  • Location:  The QIC gives the ability to select a single location or all locations.

Once in the Custom section, there will be an additional seven tabs to the left.

  • By using the toggles, report AC02 reports on the allotment of usage of same-day appointment minutes.

  • AC04 reports on the response times for telephone calls and patient portal messages as well as breaking each of those out by office hours or after hours.

  • AC11 reports on the number of times patients see their PCP.

  • CC06 reports on the number of referrals to a specialist.  This helps provide information about what specialists/specialty types are frequently used by the practice.

  • KM06 reports on the most frequent primary diagnoses.

  • KM08 reports on the preferred methods of contact used by the Practices to contact their patients.

  • KMD9/10 reports on language, ethnicity and race as a percentage by using the toggles.