Invalidate a Message

Version 14.19


Messages in OP cannot be deleted. They can, however, be invalidated by the staff member who sent them if, for example, a Message was sent for an incorrect patient. Invalidated messages are not outwardly visible in the Patient Chart but they are retained in the patient's Medical Record.

Invalidate a Message

  1. Navigate to the Sent tab in the Message Center.
  2. Click to select the Message to invalidate. 
  3. Click the Invalidate button.
  4. Click OK to confirm that you wish to invalidate the Message. This action cannot be reversed.

View Invalidated Messages

  1. Navigate to Medical Records: Clinical tab > Medical Records button.
  2. Click OK in the Warning box.
  3. If not already selected, search for and select the patient.
  4. Click OK in the Warning box.
  5. Set your records search criteria.
  6. Select the Include invalidated checkbox.
  7. Click the Search button. Invalidated records are displayed as represented in the following image: