Invalidate a Message

Version 14.10

Path: Smart Toolbar > Schedule button > Messages tab


This page will instruct you on how to invalidate a message.

Invalidating a Message

Only the original sender can invalidate a message, and invalidating it will remove the entire message thread.
  1. Click the Sent tab.
  2. Highlight the message to invalidate. 
  3. Click the Invalidate button.

  1. Click OK to confirm that you wish to invalidate the message. This action cannot be reversed.

Invalidated notes will not be outwardly visible in the patient's record. However, since the message was at one point part of the patient's medical record it may NOT be physically deleted. In the Event Chronology you are still able to search for invalidated messages and visits. The message and visit would appear with a note indicating that the record is invalid.
  1. Access these messages by clicking on the Event Chronology button and click the "Include invalidated" box.