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OP Cloud and On-Premise Information Security
This article review how phishing and other cyber crimes may affect you and your practice, what OP has done to protect you, and what you can do to help prevent attacks.
On-Premises Information Security
Review this On-Premise Practice Security Checklist to learn how to keep your data safe.
Linking Welch Allyn Device to OP
Note : Linking Welch Allyn Devices to the OP software only applies to Client Server clients. The OP software does not support any Welch Allyn devices in OP cloud. Prior to contacting OP it is highly recommended that you have prev...
Allowing Office Practicum Support to Connect to your Workstation (ConnectWise)
Version 21.3 ConnectWise ScreenConnect What is ConnectWise ScreenConnect? ConnectWise ScreenConnect is OP's remote support utility. When reaching out to OP Support, you will likely be asked if it is okay to connect via ConnectWise. This wil...
Allowing Office Practicum Support to Connect to your Workstation (TeamViewer)
Do you need Office Practicum Support staff to remotely connect to your workstation? The process couldn't be easier when you install TeamViewer.
ODBC Connection to OP Database
Note : OP Cloud does not allow an ODBC connection setup. The article outlines how to set up an ODBC connection to an Office Practicum Database. Download the most recent ODBC connector form the following Website (32 or 64-bit): ...
How can I tell what version of Windows I am using to run OP?
Overview Typically the edition of the Operating System (OS) you are running will appear when booting up your PC. However, if you are already running Windows and don't wish to reboot or you need to determine if you are running the 32 or 64-bit v...
How to Remove Spyware and Adware
The installation of "free" software is the #1 source of spyware on computer operating systems. Here’s what you need to know, courtesy of Symantec.
Dragon Dictation Compatibility
Using Dragon Speech Recognition Software Dragon Medical has been tested by OP clients and is compatible in most situations with OP. Dragon is a speech-recognition software that allows users to voice their commands to the computer, which will then t...
Capturing Screenshots and PHI
To create a screenshot simply means to produce a graphic of your computer’s screen. The graphic shows how your computer screen looks during a particular moment.
Error Reporting Within OP
Office Practicum now has a built-in feature for reporting unexpected errors you may come across while working in OP!
How do I run an Internet Speed Test in OP?
To run an Internet speed test in OP, navigate to Help tab > Speed Test. The Office Practicum SpeedTest window displays. Click the drop-down for Region and select the region of the practice. Once selected, click the Start button. ...