Keyboard Shortcuts in OP

Version 14.10

Keyboard shortcuts (or key combinations) provide quick functionality at your fingertips. Shortcuts in this article can be used in OP 14. For a printable version of the Keyboard Shortcut list click here.

Keyboard Shortcut
Work Areas

Ctrl + Alt + CPatient Task List*
Ctrl + F8Event Chronology
F12Patient Account
F9E-Billing Center
Shift  + F12Bulk Payments

CTRL + MPatient Medical Reports

F10New Message
F11Message Manager
F4Address Book

F5Patient Directory Smart
F2Patient Register
F3Patient's Insurance
Log In/Out

Ctrl + DelLog In or Log Out
Document Management

Ctrl + F
Search for documents
Ctrl + N
Add a document
Ctrl + E
Edit a document
Ctrl + S
Save a document
Ctrl + Z
Undo last action
Ctrl + Alt + S
Send a document
Ctrl + Alt + M
Mark a document reviewed
Ctrl + Alt + R
Reconcile content to patient chart
Ctrl + Alt + A
Attach a document to a problem list, lab result, or referral letter
Ctrl + Alt + C

F1Help Topics

*Ctrl + Alt + C only opens the Patient Task List when in the Patient Chart or Schedule and Practice Workflow windows.