Lab Interface FAQs

Troubleshooting and FAQ For OP Lab Interface

My lab results are not importing; Help!

Importing your lab results depends on those results being delivered to your network. Quest results are downloaded by an Office Practicum Service, and can typically be re-engaged by restarting the OP 14 service.

For other facilities, please contact your Client Services or Technical Support department for those vendors to make sure your results are being sent to your network. If the issue persists, please contact OP Support for help.

"frmPAT.qryPatient.SelectQuery: Invalid Token. Dynamic SQL" - effects OP Lab Import up through version

When a patient's name includes an apostrophe, certain functions of the interface will display this message. This occurs when clicking the patient icon in the Pat ID column or when using the Create Requisition button.


  • Click [OP111:OK] on the message box. When searching for the patient, delete the apostrophe and the trailing letters of the patients name
  • Click [OP111:Search] OR use the alphabet navigation buttons at the bottom of the form to browse your patient list and find the patient manually
  • Click [OP111:Select]

"Windows cannot find C:\op\hl7.exe" error message in OP Lab Import

When you would like to view the text message that includes your lab results, you can use the HL7 button in the OP Lab Importer to open the text in an HL7 reader provided by OP 14. This reader needs to be available in the directory where OP 14 is installed (typically C:\OP). Please download the HL7 reader using the link below, and save this file to C:\OP\. When you try to open your text message from your lab again, it will appear in the HL7 reader that is now installed. Please have your local IT management ensure that the proper Windows permissions are enabled in OP, and that you have saved HL7.exe to the directory where OP is installed if problems persist.

"Windows cannot find oplabimport.exe" error message in Office Practicum

NoteAlready installed?
If you know that OP Lab Import has been installed and is already in use on the workstation where you see this message, please close and reopen Office Practicum. Then, try opening OP Lab Import again.

OPLabImport.exe is the name of the program that is run via Work Areas > Diagnostic Tests Import (or from the OP Lab Batch or OP Lab Import shortcuts). It needs to be installed in the same directory from which OP is running. This can be installed on separate workstations, or on a workstation accessed via Terminal Services.

Additionally, the same security rights for Windows users that are described in the setup of OP 14 should be maintained for this program to run properly on your workstations.

See the following help page for details:

How do I Add Providers to the Diagnostic Test Importer (DTI)?

To add a Provider to the Diagnostic Test Importer (DTI), follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Tools tab > Old Lab Importer. The OP Lab Import Multi Location window opens.
  2. Click the Show Configuration button.
  3. Click the Configuration tab.
  4. In the Office Location Identification panel, select the lab Name where the provider will be added.
  5. In the Provider Lab Identification (Lab Links) panel, click the Add button. A new entry field appears.
  6. Click the drop-down in the Staff Member field and select the provider to add.
  7. Enter the ID number assigned by the Lab in the Identifier Assigned by Lab column.

  1. Click the Save button.