Laboratories and Hospitals

Version 14.8

About Laboratories and Hospitals

Path: Utilities Menu > Manage Practice > Hospital Facilities (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][P][H])

The Laboratories and Hospitals window views, adds, deletes, or edits a laboratory or hospital where charges are generated and billed for patients.

Laboratories and Hospitals Map



ViewThe View field displays the labs and hospitals in the facility list based upon the radio button selected.


Facility listThe Facility List displays the lab and hospital facilities based upon the radio button selected in the view field.  Facilities can be added, removed, edited, and cloned using the function buttons.  If the facility is both a hospital and a laboratory, it is necessary to create two entries with two different Facility Descriptions selected. Facility information cannot be entered in two categories simultaneously.


Contact InformationThe Contact Information contains the name, address, contact, phone, fax, and notes for the lab or hospital.


Facility Type and IDsThe Facility Type and IDs field contains the facility type, ID, NPI/Tax ID, NPI/Tax ID type, and OP unique ID.