Link a Scan to Referrals

Version 14.8
Path: Smart Toolbar > Docs button


This page will instruct you on how to link a scanned referral.

Scan and Label a Referral Letter

  1. Click the New Document button in the Manage Documents window.
  2. Scan or import the Referral.  The images should appear in the sketch panel.
  3. Move the Referral Letter from the Sketch Panel to the Thumbnails panel.
  4. Search for the Patient in the Patient ID or Patient Name field in the document details panel.
  5. Select Referral Letter in the Item Type dropdown list.
  6. Click the paper clip icon to the right of Category name, to attach the scanned image to an existing Referral/Transition of Care order in the patients chart. If one doesn't exist, you do have the ability to create one from this screen OR follow step 7 if the order doesn't already exist in OP.
  7. Select Referral Letter in the Item Category field, or create a new Category for the specialty type (Eg: Cardiology).  The system does not automatically enter the Category name.
  8. Select the name of the person who needs to review the referral in the Addressed to field (if necessary).
  9. Select the Reviewed checkbox if the ordering Physician already reviewed this scan.
  10. Select the appropriate Visibility Level in the Privacy Level field.
  11. Select the appropriate Status of Original Item in the Status of Original field.
  12. Save the document.