Linking a Signature to a Provider

Version 14.19

We recommend using a .tif file for your signature image. Though other formats can work in the OP software, a .tif file will provide you with the best image quality.

Scanning the Signature

  1. Have the provider write their signature on a clean piece of white paper.  For best results, use a black pen and write a large signature.
  2. Open the Documents window (CTRL + Q).
  3. Place the signature in the scanner, then press the Scanner icon button.
  4. Once the signature is scanned, it will appear in the Sketch Folder panel.
  5. Drag the signature to the Insert Mode panel.
  6. Crop the image using the Crop icon on the scanning toolbar.
  1. Click the Crop icon button.
  2. Click and hold the top-left corner of the signature, and drag the mouse to the bottom right corner of the signature.
  3. Release the mouse button.  The signature should be cropped to size.
  1. On the Tools panel, set Item type to Office Administration.
  2. Set the Item category to Signature.
  3. Select Yes in the reviewed section.
  4. In the Notes section, enter the provider who wrote the signature (ex: Dr. Smith's signature).
  5. You may leave the Addressee and Status fields empty.
  6. Save the record with the green checkmark button at the bottom of the window to save.  Click the No button on the New Record pop-up. 

Linking the Signature to the Provider

  1. Click the Addressbook button on the smart toolbar. 
  2. Search for the Provider and click on the edit pencil button.
  3. Click on the Staff/Provider tab, and then click on the Add Signature Graphic button. 
  4. Search for the Item Type of Office Administration, highlight the signature and click on the Use Selected Document button at the bottom of the screen. 
  5. Close the Linked Address Book window.
  6. Click the green checkmark button to save.
  7. Close the Scanned Items window.
  8. Run a report with a signature to confirm signature was added to the database correctly.
  • Reports with signatures include certain prescriptions, school/camp forms, chart reports, and letters.