Linking Resources to Templates

Version 14.8

This information assumes that you have already added the resources to your AAP/Local Content Library. If you have not, click here for information.

Linking Resources to Templates

  1. Access the Encounter Templates by clicking Utilities > Manage Clinical Features > Encounter Template Editor or Well Visit Template Editor.
  2. Find the template that you wish to add a resource to and click .
  3. Click the Orders/Workflow tab.
  4. Click the Resources tab.
  5. Click where it says "Click here to add another resource."
  6. Select the handout you want to attach from the drop down box.
  7. Complete the Department and Usage drop down menus.  


The drop down arrow takes you to a list of articles added to the AAP/Local Content Library.

The ellipsis button takes you to your computer to attach a handout.
The scanner button opens the Document Selector window (this is where scanned paper handouts are saved).

If using a Patient Portal:
  • Department: Patient
  • Usage: Standing
  1. Click the  to save this file.

Adding More than One Handout to a Template

  1. After adding your first resource to a template, click where it says Click here to add another resource.
  2. Choose a Resource Name, Department, and Usage.
  3. Click the   to save, and add additional as needed.