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Linking Welch Allyn Device to OP

Note: Linking Welch Allyn Devices to the OP software only applies to Client Server clients. The OP software does not support any Welch Allyn devices in OP cloud.

Prior to contacting OP it is highly recommended that you have previously installed the Welch Allyn device on your computer and it is recognized in device manager as such. The following Welch Allyn models are compatible with OP software based on the drivers and install method that we provide:

  • Spot Vital Signs LXi
  • Spot Vital Signs
  • Vital Signs Monitor 300 (VSM 300)
  • VSM 5200 
  • VSM 6000

Welch Allyn devices are only supported over a USB connection. Wifi or Bluetooth connections methods are not supported. For useage with the OP software, the Welch Allyn device should be powered on prior to launch the OP software. For more infomation on the listed supported devices visit:


Note: Once installed contact OP and an Office Practicum tech will assist in the installation of the Welch Allyn interface.

Installation of the Welch Allyn SDK onto a client workstation.

  1. Download the needed Welch Allyn installer package from the following link: https://www.opmed.net/executable/Welch.zip.
  2. Once downloaded, extract the file and open up the directory pertaining to the version of the operating system your running, 32bit (x86) or 64bit (x64).
  • Regardless of the version you select the installation steps are identical for both.
  1. Double click the "autorun.exe" to launch the install.

  1. Double click the "autorun.exe" to launch the install.

  1. On the Setup Type screen select the radio button for a "Custom" install, then click next to proceed with installation.

  1. At the Custom Setup window select the drop down for "Redist" and "Samples" and select the option of "This feature will not be available" on both options.  Click "Next" to continue install.

  1. Prior to clicking "Install" to confirm installation of the SDK, ensure the Welch Allyn device is connected and powered on.  If the device is not connected and powered on the installation of the SDK drivers will fail.

Warning: If you receive an error message during install it is most likely due to the Welch Allyn device not being installed and recognized by Windows.  If this occurs cancel the install and ensure the Welch Allyn device is recognized and connected to your computer.
  1. Once the installation has completed click "Finish" to close out of the installation.